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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you afford to give away e-mail accounts?
A: Ah, by far the #1 question I've been asked since starting epop3.com. You know, with just about every other former free service going pay you would tend to think that it must cost a lot of money to run this site? In fact, it costs very little. As I stated on the homepage, I'm kinda old-school. The Internet was designed, after all, for communication, not e-commerce. This site is just my little way of giving back to the medium that I've learned and taken so much from.

Q: Wow, you must be rich!?
A: LOL, I wish! I have no six-figure sallary or beach houses to my name. After all a rich person probably wouldn't be giving this away for free!

Q: I'm having trouble sending mail, is there something I can do?
A: Please check to make sure that SMTP Authentication is turned on in your mail client. If you're using Outlook Express click on Tools >> Accounts >> Mail >> your epop3.com account >> Servers tab >> and check the box at the bottom that says: "My server requires authentication".

Q: Wow, the new server and design look great but I don't have my password, how do I get it?
A: Your password was sent to you prior to the move to the new server. Therefore, if you didn't get it then it must still be on the old server. To check your mail on the old server click here and login using your old information. NOTE: The old server will not be up for much longer. If you can't login at the old server please use the Contact Us button at the top to get your new password.

Q: How can I send you a donation for the work you're doing here?
A: Thank you for offering to help but I don't accept money for anything I do on the internet. If you send me some I will just send it back. Thanks for understanding.

Q: Turning down money, have you lost your mind?????
A: You haven't read this site very well have you. ;-)

Have another question not addressed here? E-mail us.