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Dear epop3.com users,

Recently we have received many e-mails from users that have received scam e-mails. These e-mails have several different purposes, all of which are bad. In one such e-mail you're requested to proceed to a certain website to change your password. The link in the e-mail says epop3.com but it actually takes you to a spoofed website hosted on a different server. In another, you receive an e-mail that says it came from webmaster@epop3.com with a virus attached. There may also be some other similar scam e-mails out there so please be alert.

Please be advised that epop3.com will never e-mail you requesting that you change your password. Nor will we ever direct you to any website in order to confirm your identity. We will also never send you an e-mail with any files attached. Nor do we have a security team or anything similar.

If you receive any e-mail that looks suspicious please first forward a copy onto me asking me to verify it's integrity before doing anything the e-mail says.


Philip A. Finlaw